Saturday, June 29, 2013

India Bans Animal Testing!!

Hey guys! I have revolutionary news for you. 

Yesterday, I received a wonderful email --from Tasgola Bruner (Media Coordinator, Laboratory Investigations Department - PETA)-- which informed me that as of June 28, 2013 India will no longer permit the "testing [of]cosmetics and their ingredients on animals." This was announced during the Burea of Indian Standards PCD 10 Cosmetics Sectional Committee meeting. 

How do I feel about this news? 

This ban encompasses not only cosmetics but also their ingredients!! Which is so huge! However, PETA India now has to campaign to end animal testing on household products (including the ingredients used). So, please support their efforts!!

A few months ago, we were celebrating Europe's ban on animal testing, now we are celebrating India's. I'm not sure if you are aware but Israel had also banned animal testing on their cosmetics and household products. Imagine if the Chinese government followed this trend and decided to ban animal testing? This should be our goal for the upcoming year. PETA is campaigning for that ban as well, make sure you keep yourself informed and support their efforts. Remember, you don't have to donate money to support them, just by getting the word out there you are helping the cause.

This wouldn't of been possible without PETA's campaign and the work of MP Maneka Gandhi (Drug Controller General of India). They worked with "high-profile" politicians; such as Sonia Gandhi (Congress President), Santosh Chowdhury (Minister of  Healthy & Family Welfare), Lal Krishna Advani (senior leader of the Bharatiya Janasta Party); and retailers; such as LUSH, The Body Shop, Omved Lifestyle, Shahnaz Husain. Oh, but the list of the support for this campaign doesn't end there! According to, "Officials from the Indian Council of Medical Research, the Mahatma Gandhi–Doerenkamp Center for Alternatives to Use of Animals in Life Science Education and the Animal Welfare Board of India, a statutory advisory body, had also all expressed support for the ban." WOW! 

To read more about this story click on the sun : . Please comment below to let me know how you feel about this news!! Leave me any feedback you would like! Lastly, SPREAD THE WORD!

Until Next Time,

P.S. Thanks Tasgola for informing me & thank you for you work!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NYX Cosmetics UPDATE:

Update (June 26, 2013): I received another reply from NYX, where they further explain about their manufactures, China, etc.. I wanted to share it just so you can have more reassurance when purchasing from NYX.  
Hi Camila,

NYX Cosmetics does not test on animals and we do not contract with any 3rd parties who test on our behalf. We will not sell into a market that requires that products be tested on animals, for which we were awarded PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award. We also receive certifications from our manufacturers that they do not test on animals and that they do not contract 3rd parties to test raw ingredients on animals. In addition, we are committed to making sure that raw materials used in our products are tested using approved alternative methods implemented to protect and respect animals. NYX as a brand is also part of the effort to ensure that new ingredients are never tested on animals.
- NYX Cosmetics Feedback
UPDATE (June 19, 2013): NYX has emailed me back, assuring me that their raw ingredients manufactures animal testing policy complies with NYX's. This is what they emailed me: 
Thank you for reaching out! NYX Cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by organizations, such as PETA, as a cruelty free brand. NYX is committed to producing 100% cruelty-free cosmetics. NYX does not test any of its raw materials or finished products on animals.
Kindest Regards,
NYX Cosmetics

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello guys. I'm really excited to share with you all my correspondence with LimeCrime. If you have never heard of LimeCrime, you need to listen up! They sell really vibrant cosmetics. For example, you can find red lip stick and blue lipstick on their site. Shades you might expect high-end companies, such as Mac or Nars to sell. Except --as you will soon find--cruelty-freely.

I first "heard" (read?) about LimeCrime, when I was looking through PETA's DO NOT test list. I checked them out & knew I had to find out their cruelty-free status.

Of course, I first emailed them using the format I always use. (Click here to see it).

To Whomever it May Concern:

I am doing research on animal testing, and I need to verify a few key points about your company.
 1. Does your company test ingredients or finished products on animals? 
2. Do you test ingredients or products on animals through a 3rd party? 
3. Do your manufacturers test ingredients or products on animals? 
4. Are you owned or affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals? 
5. Do you/your parent company currently or have plans to market and sell your products in the Chinese market, which requires animal testing by law to sell in that country? 
6. Do you use palm oil/carnuaba wax in any of your products? If so, is it from an organic and sustainable source? 
7. Could you provide a list of all of your current vegan items available for purchase? 

I received a reply a few days later:

Hi Camila,
1-6 the answer is no
7 currently all products on our site are vegan.
I'm glad they replied, but --as you can see--their reply didn't leave me much to go on. Being very as partial to detail as I am, I decided to email them again, urging them to explain further:

 Hi [names have been omitted], 
Thank you for your prompt reply. I would appreciate it if you elaborated. How does LimeCrime ensure that the manufactures of their ingredients do not conduct animal testing? Does LimeCrime have an audit process? Second, from what I understand LimeCrime does not retail in the Chinese market because it requires animal testing; am I right in this statement? 
Also, thank you for becoming affiliated with PETA. There is a fast growing market of makeup enthusiast who only shop cruelty-free. I know I really appreciate it and so do the readers of my blog, it just makes shopping easier for us. -Camila 
 I received a second reply about a week after:
Hi Camila, 
I've just spoken with our Inventory Manager, sorry for the delay. We do have signed pledges from all of our manufacturers stating that our products and ingredients are completely vegan. We ensure vegan/cruelty-free claims by working with manufacturers who are reputable and willing to provide sworn written statements about the sources of their ingredients.
Well, as you can see: LimeCrime does not have a parent company; meaning we don't have to worry about what would be that company's cruelty-free status, Lime Crime does not support 3rd party testing & have a specific audit process to ensure their manufacturers are reliable, and finally, LimeCrime does not sell in China. These are the three specific criteria I look at when determining a company's cruelty-free status & deciding whether to add them to my list. (To see my criteria more in detail click here). 

I would feel safe purchasing from LimeCrime & am excited to do so!! 

Also, if you are interested about purchasing from LimeCrime, I really recommend you check out Friends of the Lagomorph, which is an online site that retails ALL cruelty-free cosmetics, beauty products, etc. And, no I am not being paid to talk about Friends of the Lagomorph, I just truly LOVE that site. It's easy to shop & I don't really know of any other online site that only sells cruelty-free beauty products. 

Let me know what you think. Leave me ANY feedback you would like. 

Until Next Time,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin' or You might lose me

Hello guys. 

So I've been hearing that Google with Friends, which is how most of you follow me, is being eliminated within days. I've heard many bloggers talk about this. I honestly didn't pay it much attention at first, but as the day approaches, I want to let you all know. The best solution I have found is to join bloglovin'. If you've never heard of bloglovin', it's a site where you can keep track of all the blogs your heart desires. It will update you when I post. If you wish to continue following me please head over HERE or click on the blog lovin' button to your right. I hope to see you all there!! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Humanely Chic on Facebook

Hello guys!
I wanted to create a page where I could communicate more quickly with you all; to share news and updates. Like it, if you'd like. (See what I did there ; P ) Feel free to ask me questions, share with me your concerns, what you have heard back from companies, etc. I want it to be a place where we can interact efficiently. (Just click on the pic)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zoya, Qtica, Smart Spa (Art of Beauty)

Hello guys! I'm going to be honest. I had contacted Zoya almost exactly a month ago, everything went smoothly they emailed me back, I didn't feel the need to email them further--as I felt their email answered all my questions--but for some reason I had yet to share my correspondence. I'm going to blame it on lack of sleep! 
Anyways, I emailed them using the format I always use. (To see that format click on "How I Contact Companies"). 
I received this email a couple of days later:

Good morning! 
No problem! We actually are known as Art of Beauty, and are the parent company and manufacturers of Zoya, Qtica, and Smart Spa and aren’t affiliated or owned further with any other companies. We are a cruelty free company and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals nor do we use any 3rd party testing for our products. We don’t currently have any official distributors in China or sell there direct. Regarding the ingredients I will have to double check with the science department about those specific ones. I don’t have a specific product list of our vegan friendly products but the Zoya Nail Polish and Treatment line is entirely vegan friendly, and then the Zoya Hot Lips and the Qtica lines are not vegan friendly as some of the items use carmine, lanolin, or other animal based products. Hopefully this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns and have a great day!
            thank you,
I appreciate the clarity of this email and that Zoya (Art of Beauty) addressed all my questions directly. Zoya's parent company is Art of Beauty where both Qtica and Smart Spa fall under. They affirm to the cruelty-free status of their raw ingredient providers, etc. Lastly, they do not retail in the Chinese market! 

I'm excited to hear this news. If you shop cruelty-free only, I'm sure you are aware that finding high quality nail polish companies is difficult. However, I have emailed Art of Beauty back urging them to become affiliated with either Leaping Bunny or PETA. If Art of Beauty did this, first it reasures us that what the company claims is true and secondly, it makes it easier when shopping. I will update you guys once they email me back. 

Personally, for now I would feel safe purchasing from Zoya, Otica, or Smart Spa. I will be adding them to my list. 

Please let me know what YOU think about this correspondence. Leave me any feedback you'd like! I love hearing--reading?-- your opinions and addressing your concerns. 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hello guys! If you have noticed that this blog keeps changing, that is because it is!!! I'm remodeling it and can't seem to decide on what I want. All my posts should be working fine! I hope the constant change isn't too annoying. If it is, I'm sorry. :) I have a post on Benefit, ELF, & LimeCrime coming soon! :) 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Help Michael !

Hey guys. This is a non-animal rights related post. However, it's really important. I didn't know if I should post it on here, but I decided if I lost some followers it would be worth it.
Michael and his father. 

Michael Molinar, who is 17 years old, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). A week ago his parents were told he only had 3 weeks to live. His parents desperately need help to seek alternative treatment as the children's hospital can't help him anymore. If you can please donate, if not then share this link!! Keep him and his family in your prayers!!!

Michael's father created a page on giveforward to raise funds.

I heard about Michael's story from my grandmother, who is a close friend of Michael's grandmother. The family has been turned upside down and I can't even imagine their pain. PLEASE, share this on your facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc. Donate if you can. Apathy is doesn't help anyone. 


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