Friday, May 23, 2014

c. Booth Bath and Body Oil || Bubble Bath Time :: REVIEW

Hello guys.
So, I have something to tell you. I'm a bath person. 
Meanwhile, most of the time I don't have the privilege of taking 45 minutes to soak in bubbly warm water.  I know that a lot of you like me, if you find that half an hour out of your day to soak in a bath, you want to do it right.  Though, now that I'm on Summer Vacation *yay* I have some much more time to relax and pamper myself. 

Doing it right. What does that mean to me?
1. light candles  

2. Your Favorite Drink 
(seeing as I am under 21, I refer to a Starbucks Valencia Orange Refresher with Passion Tea rather than water. All my Starbucks obsessed readers either know what I'm talking about, or need to right away. Talk about a delish summer drink. And no I am not being paid to talk about SB. I work for them and genuinly love all the drinks. I have a couple of my favorites from the 'secret menu'! Let me know if you'd like me to share! :D )

3. A good book, or Netflix. We've all been there. Don't try to deny it.

4. A good body scrub, wash, and a good moisturizer. 

5. Sometimes, chocolate! 

I really value my bath products. I am quite picky and when I find something I like I want to share it.

I picked this c. Booth Bath & Body Oil at Rite Aid more than a month ago. I saw this and really wanted to try it. I wasn't sure about c. Booth (I've never heard of them before). However, I noticed that their parent company is Freeman Beauty. If you check on Leaping Bunny's list, you'll notice Freeman Beauty is cruelty-free. Therefore, I thought it safe to go ahead and buy it. 

According to the bottle, this is free of parabens, sulfate, mineral oil, and petrolatum. I'm not exactly an expert of the effect these ingredients have on the skin; I am sure they're not good. 

How to use:
I had never used a bath oil before and so I wasn't exactly sure what to do. The bottle says to add 3-4 cap fulls to your bath. I have a small tub and so I used 3. It works to give your skin extra moisture. Something, I really need and appreciate. My skin gets really dry!  

You can also use it directly on your skin. It's definitely oily, so I would only use it directly in the bath, that way it is easily rinsed off. 

It's such a nice scent. It's very warm, like vanilla without being too artificial or sickly. It also has notes of amber. It does linger on the skin, but not so much that it will you nauseous.  

I really love this product. I got it on sale that day at Rite-Aid. I think it was like $4 bucks. It normally retails for $9.99. (According to the site). 
It's an 16 oz bottle and so I'm sure it will last me a while. Even for it's regular price I would re-purchase it. It makes your Bubble Bath Time a different very pleasant experience! 

Do I recommend it: YES! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I decided to do it in a different more silly style of writing. I really enjoyed it! I hope it wasn't too random! Love you guys all!

Lots of Love,

** I was not paid or sent this product to review. I bought it with my own money and my review is honest. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nature's Better Body || Age-Eluding :: Eye Cream REVIEW

Would you like 70% off Nature's Better Body's Age-Eluding Eye Cream? It retails for $140.00, so you would be getting it for $42.00 (if my math is correct)! 

Use the code: 

Thanks to the good people at Nature's Better body for offering it!!! 

Hey guys. So I was actually sent this cream by Nature's Better Body in March. It's taken me a while to review it because I wanted to use it for a good chunk of time in order to do the product justice and give a credible review. 

Some products like eyeshadow, mascara, lotions, even face masks are quick and easy to review because they give results right away. I find that face creams take longer to give results so that's why I waited three months.

As you will notice, this cream is specific to treat aging. If you've read my little bio (to the right of this page) you will notice I'm 19 going on 20. Whether you think I'm too young or in the perfect age to begin age-prevention treatments I realize my opinions will greatly differ from more mature women. Meanwhile, I gave my mom one of the creams (I was sent two) to try. Just keep that in mind. 

As for my mom, these are her thoughts on the cream. 
She says she did notice a difference, thought slight. She says it felt refreshing applying it at night. Her skin felt softer. Overall she liked the cream. 

If you go to Nature's Better Body site you will notice the description that goes with the cream.

Miraculously reverse the effects of aging and sun damage with our one-of-a-kind antioxidant and botanically-rich formulation.  Whether you are looking to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines, increase your skin’s elasticity, or make your skin measurably firmer, our unique eye cream provides clinically-proven results. 
I did notice remarkable change in the dark spots in my face (due to acne scars). It does not claim to deal with acne but it does calm to help with sun-damage and I would have to agree. 

Though it's just a eye cream I would have to admit I did use it all over my face. I really loved using it all over my face. It feels so good, not greasy at all rather cooling.

It's not a thick cream. It's very moisturizing nonetheless. It feels more like a serum. I loved using it right under my eyes after long nights! As most of you guys know, I'm in college and that irrevocably equals longggg all nighters. 

It does not have a strong scent, very neutral. So if you are one of those who hates herbal scents, don't fret.  It did not break me out in the least. 

Honestly, it's one of the best eye creams I've ever used. I really enjoy using it and look forward to using it at night.

Would I re-purchase?: No. Like I mentioned above, I really enjoy this cream but if you go to Nature's Better Body's site you will notice it retails for $140.00. Which, is wayyy out of my budget. 

Do I recommend it?: Yes. If you are able to purchase it give it a chance. They use organic ingredients that are much better for your skin than say an O-lay face cream. Meanwhile, their products are cruelty-free. (Check out my correspondence with them). 

 I hope this review is helpful. It's rather short seeing as I had three months to test it. I didn't want to ramble too much (like I'm doing now) and give you a concise review. 

Lots of Love,


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