Saturday, September 27, 2014

Milani Color Statement Polishes || Review

Hey friends! I wanted to share my thoughts on some Milani Color Statement polishes I picked up exactly a week ago. Each retailed for $3.45 at WalMart.

I picked up (left to right): Blue Print, Quick Dry Top Coat, & Tattle Teal. 

As you can tell, the colors are beautiful! I mean your nails will certainly grab people's attention. I know this because I got a lot of compliments.

Also, the formula is super opaque and will go on perfectly in two coats. Both polishes dry super quickly. They are so glossy and so a top coat isn't really necessary. ( Said no girl ever). However, I went over them with the Quick Dry Top Coat and I really really loved the finished look. The top coat does what it claims, it drys in a few minutes.

You might be surprised to find, after all the praise I'm giving these polishes, that I do not recommend them. Why?

They do not last at all! I mean within minutes of them drying they were chipping! Come on?! That's beyond ridiculous, it's infuriating.

It's not just me, I read MakeupGuineaPig's (aka Christine's) post A Dozen Ways to Nail It and she mentioned a shade, "sugar plum", from this line. It seemed the chip on her quickly so I'm certain the formula is the issue here. Which is very maddening!

Have you tried any of nail polish from this new range? If you have what do you think? Also, is there a trick to make nail polish last longer? I really want to work with them! I'm hoping I can make them last longer! Maybe a different top coat?

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the the polish is already chipping! I had only just applied this polish a few hours ago. So disappointing.

They're so pretty! Why?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Silver Glitz || Nail of the Day ||

Hey guys!
So I wanted to share this gorgeous combination! 

I'm wearing Milani's Nail Lacquer in "Silver Dazzle" as the base color. Which I found in Dollar Tree for $1.00! What a steal! 

As a top coat I have this pretty multi-color nail polish. Which, is from a non-CF company. I must of had it for a long time because I found it hidden inside this pencil bin. I'm sure you can find something similar, if not the same glitter top-coat. I've noticed almost all brands have one. 

Here's Milani's "Silver Dazzle". 

As  can see it's really glittery but has a matte and textured look. I'm not a huge fan of that look so I needed to use a glossy top-coat. 

I really don't like using flash for my blog pictures, but I felt like only the flash picked up the beautifulness of this polish. (Yes, beautifulness)! The glitter is super fine! 

I hope you liked this! 

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Woot Woot, Hoot Hoot |:||:| A Makeup Haul

Hey guys! This is a collective haul from the past month! Hope you enjoy! 

1)Physicians Formula : Happy Booster in "Bronze/Natural"
 I got this guy almost a month or so ago. I got it on sale at Burlington, so if you are at a Burlington check out their beauty-section! I'm not overly impressed. I think this is great if you want to apply something really quickly without thinking about it much -- say you have two minutes to get your foundation, mascara, and blush/bronzer on. It's not very pigments, but I think those of you who don't like overly pigmented blushes might like it. As for me, I won't be picking up another PF blush from the Happy Booster Line because I think my elf and wet n' wild blushes are way better and cheaper. 

2) elf Translucent Matifying Powder
I really like this powder. I have oily skin and this really mattifies! I will say that if you over apply it, it will make your skin look a bit dry. So use it sparingly. You will need to reapply at least once a day. I have 19-21 hour days and spend about 10 hours at school and I find reapplying once a day does the trick. 
BTW: Sorry for the blurry picture! & FYI: It did come slightly cracked, but I have a feeling I just got a bad one because I've never had issues with elf blushes cracking. 

I got it at Target for $3.00! 

3) Physicians Formula : Organic Wear Mascara in "Ultra Black"
I've used this mascara before and I liked it. I'm glad I decided to repurchase it because, I REALLY enjoy it. It's not super dry or wet, it's in-between. Also, it doesn't dry super fast which lets me add more coats without it getting clumpy. It's truly super or ultra black. It seems to do it all volumize, lengthen, and darkens. As far as holding a curl, my lashes are naturally curled and so I can't really say. It doesn't seem to weigh them down. 
It retails for $9.99ish dollars at CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens. 

4) elf 3-in-1 Mascara: Lengthens, Define, & Volumize
I don't like this mascara. It gets clumpy really quickly. It makes me look like I have two eyelashes, it does not separate well.  It is also weirdly difficult to remove. I use my favorite makeup remover, and it does a great job, but still have to use a little more product than I usually use. I wish I liked it more. 

I got it at Target for $3.00. 

5) wet n' wild: megalast  690A "blackest black"
I have a lot of NYX liners and have started looking for alternatives. I tested this guy a lot and came to the conclusion that I do like it if I use it on my upper lash line and/or to smoke out the lower lash line.  BTW: it's a roller pencil that you don't have to sharpen. I like using to define my lash line, to make my lashes look thicker. It would make a great base for a smokey look. However, I did use it in the water line and didn't like it there as much. It didn't last was much. Give it a try! 
I got it from Target for $2.99. 

6) wet n' wild: Mega Liner :: Liquid Liner
I have repurchased this guy multiple times and have never been disappointed. I think it's a great liquid liner and dries matte. It lasts great and if you use primer, it will last even longer. I think the brush is really easy to use. If you have not, give it a try! 
I also got it from Target, think it was $3.99. 

7) Jordana's : sweet n' smooth :: nourishing lip balm
I LOVE LOVE these. They have the an awesome color selection and the pigmentation is amazing, I wasn't expecting them to be was vibrant. They really moisturize your lips without feeling heavy or greasy -- which I can't stand! I want to get them all!! Hahah! Give them a try. I wish I had discovered them earlier this summer! Also, they smell like watermelon. One con, they don't have the greatest taste.
Each were $1.99. I got them at an Asian/dollar store. 

Top: 06 "succulent cherry"
Bottom: 03 "Tasty Watermelon"

Top: 03 "Tasty Watermelon"
Bottom: 06 "succulent cherry"

"Tasty Watermelon"

Succulent Cherry

Tasty Watermelon

Succulent Cherry 

 I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried anything I've mentioned, do you agree or disagree with my reviews! I'd like to hear (read?) your feedback!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stuff I Bought : Getting ready for Fall ♥︎

Hey guys! Long time no see! Sorry that I've been MIA, but honestly I've been really busy with school. Also, I didn't really have anything new to share with you all. Until today that is haha. I went shopping! YAY! 

I'm the type of shopper that will try a million things on and leave with one thing, or in this case two. I bought everything at Marshalls. I got a $10 certificate and decided to use it. 

Now before it crosses your mind, no I am not sponsored by Marshalls. I just really love shopping there!  

1) I got an American Apparel flannel shirt. I really love plaid for Fall anyway, but when I saw the pattern of this shirt I fell in love! I don't exactly know why. I plan to pair this with some nice dark wash jeans, maybe even a black skirt. I can't wait to wear my red combat boots with this. Ooh, and a vampy lip! Love it! 

It's so soft! 

2) Can you tell I'm loving red? This shirt is from a brand called "Monteau". It's a sheer, polyester, and more of a maroon color. (Sorry, the camera made it look really washed out!) I love how it fits and the detail at the bottom! I really love florals all year long and love that I can have my florals during the Fall. 

Isn't it pretty!? 

 3) These oxford-styled flats are from a brand called "Restricted". The moment I saw them, they were mine. (Not to be dramatic or anything, haha!) Also, the moment I saw them I knew my mom would HATE them. Haha, we have such different styles. So, I'm sure some of you might not like them, but I think they are great. I love wearing these types of shoes in the Fall! I really embrace my neutrals when it gets cooler. BTW, it's still really HOT here in SoCal. 

4) Argan Magic :: Split Ends Repair Cream by The Moroccan Beauty Secret! I really needed something for my frizzy hair! It's been so dry and now that I wake up at 5:30ish each morning, it seems to get even more frizzy! As far as this company's CF status, I've never heard of them before. They have a "not tested on animals" on the back; however just keep that in mind! 

5) Aroma Naturals Bio Activity Omega: Natural Mango Butter Creme
I've been noticing that my skin is getting a little bit dry. Especially, when I wake up in the mornings!  (The heat helps with that no doubt). SO I wanted something lightweight to try. Aroma Naturals is on Leaping Bunny's list! YAY! 

6) Ciate polish in "starlet". I love vampy-dark nail polish colors! However, I prefer wearing them during the Fall/Winter. It looks more greenish here, but it's more of a gray with a green and purple duo-chrome effect. It's super pretty! (In fact, I just applied it and I only needed two-coats. Goes on a little more sheer than expected, but gets opaque quick!)  I'll post a picture to instagram so you can see! 

7) Two Moms in the RAW: Raisin Granola
Every single time I go to Marshalls I put these in my cart and change my mind when I go to pay. Finally, I decided to give them a chance. I have not tried them, I think they'll be good snacks to carry in my backpack. I'll let you know if I like them on instagram! 

I'm sorry if you've missed me! I love you all and always hate having large gaps between my posts. However, I don't want to write any old thing! I will try to get on a better schedule though! Love you all! Hope you enjoyed this! 

Lots of Love,


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