Saturday, November 29, 2014

What Are You Thankful For ||Thanksgiving 2014

Hey guys.

I hope that you had a beautiful and food-full Thanksgiving. If you don't live in the USA or just don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope that you had good Thursday. 

I wanted to share with you what I'm thankful for. 

This is a very personal post and I know some don't like personal blog posts. However, this is not just a beauty blog it's a lifestyle blog, aka my life. :) 

1. Family: 
My family is everything to me. My parents had me when they were 19 going on 20 and have sacrificed so much to give me everything. Not just material things but also a lot of love. . They've come from  humble families and have taught me to be humble. My sister is my best friend and she makes me laugh everyday. She is the voice of encouragement I need and really my cheerleader. (She's probably laugh for calling her a cheerleader). My dogs, Scruffy and Bruno. Yes, they are very much part of my family. They give me so much comfort when I'm feeling down. I can always go to them and cuddle them and not once I have not felt 110% better. 

2. God:
Only God knows the lowest of lows I've hit in my life. I'm so happy now but that wasn't always the case. I felt his love for me during those times and it changed my life. Only He has seen my heart and read my every thought and the fact that he still loves me is very surprising. Even though I don't deserve it I have been given a great gift, salvation. I do believe in the "afterlife" and I take comfort in my belief that someday I will be in eternal life in heaven with my savior, Jesus. I don't believe that my "belief" makes me a better person rather a saved person. I love you all and pray for your salvation. 

I pray for health and eternal life for you and your loved ones. 

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Petit Vour October Box & September Box Thoughts || Video

Hey Guys!
As you can see my camera is much better at pictures than video. 

If you want to know my thoughts on the products in my October Petit Vour Box, check out this video. The main reason for this post is to share nice close ups of the products as my camera quality isn't great. 

The name of this box was "Beauty Thriller". 

If you're interested in checking out Petit Vour click here. 

1. Flo + Theo || Body Butter Full Size $14

2. S.W. Basics || Skincare Mini (makeup remover oil ) Full Size : $14-28

3. Forafer Botanicals || Natural Eau de Perfume-Nector Full Size: $98 

3. Pacifica || Devocean Natural LipStick Full Size: $12  

Lots of Love,

**This was not sent to me! I paid for it with my own money! : ) 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

elf Haul || New Products

Hey guys! 

I'm really excited to be back with a big elf Haul. I always find myself browsing the elf site, they have wonderful new products all the time. I usually wait until there is at least 10 products I want to try to order. The main reason is because it usually takes FOREVER for the products to arrive. Last time I placed an order it took like a month. This time I was pleasantly surprised to find my products at my door step 8-days after I placed my order. WHAT!?

Everything arrived in mint condition. The only problem I had was that they shipped me one wrong product. However, I emailed them and they apologized and have already shipped me the correct product. Their customer service is amazing!

1. elf Blush Palette in "Light":
Ahh, so excited to have my hands on this guy. I am a HUGE fan of elf's blushes and I knew these would be amazing. The texture is very smooth and fine. They are really wonderfully pigmented. There seems to be little to no fall-out. 

2. elf Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow
OH MY LANTA! These are soo great. I've actually already worn "toast" & golly! The texture is buttery and almost bouncy. So beautiful! If you like glittery shadows consider these next time you're at Target or on elf's site. "Toast" is the perfect Christmas gold! 



toast, soiree

"in direct sunlight"

3. elf Waterproof Shadow Liner(s)
I've been looking for liners to replace my NYX liners. (NYX has been bought by L'oreal and I will no longer support them). These intrigued me as I think they might work as liners and bases for eyeshadow. I've loved them swatched but haven't actually worn them. Beautiful colors,  I'm so impressed! 

(left to right) Black, Brown, Blush, & Purple 

(left to right) Black, Brown, Blush, & Purple 

4. elf Matte Lip Color (s)
I have the shade "Rich Red" and it's my favorite red color. I got "tea rose" and "praline". I love love love love mattes lippies and these are one of my favorite formulas. 

"tea rose", "praline' 

Top: Praline
Bottom: Tea Rose 

Like I mentioned I ordered the e.l.f. Essential 18 Piece Eyeshadow Palette but it didn't arrive. I'm so excited to also share with you swatches of it once it arrives. 

Also, I'm going to film my thoughts of my October Petit Vour box and products I liked from my September box. So keep an eye out for that! 

Farewell for now lovelies. <3

Lots of Love,

** These were NOT sent to me. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

YouTube Channel | Welcome Back

Hey guys! LONG LONG time no see. This has been the biggest hiatus I've taken from blogging. It wasn't planned or for any reason in particular. I got sick with my wisdom tooth and was busy in school. Lame! Well, I'm excited to bring you content now that things are looking up! I've finally uploaded a new video. It's just a new introduction to my channel and about yours truly. If you'd like to check it out please do :) 


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