Wednesday, January 28, 2015

J a n u a r y ❆ 2015 || Petit Vour Box (Vegan and Cruelty-Free Luxury Samples)

Ciao guys! 

Today I'm excited to bring you my Petit Vour January Box. I've yet to be disappointed with a box and this month is no exception. I am so happy with everything I received!

This month's box is called "The New Luxury" and it's a collaboration with My Kind of Life

Before I share what I got, I want to thank Petit Vour for featuring HumanelyChic on their Facebook page among 16 CrueltyFreeBeauty Bloggers to Follow Now
What a great great honor to be featured among Logical Harmony, The Little Foxes, Vegan Beauty Review, etc! 

1. RawSkinCeuticals: Rose Creme Cheek Color | Value: $15.00
I have not used this on my cheeks but I have swatched it and WOW! You will not be working with a toned down color by any means. It also turns into a powdery texture. I will be doing a "Shopping My Makeup" post later and will put this to the text then!

 2. Modern Minerals: En Pointe Eye Shadow | Value: $12.50
AHH! I LOVE pinky/rose-golden eye shadows. I have more of these toned eyeshadows than I need. I love this already! It also had has a filter which is much appreciated in a mineral eyeshadow.
Note: This shade 'en pointe' is custom for Petit Vour! <3

As you can tell this is more of a fuchsia pink than a rose-gold. 

3. 100% Pure: French Lavender Hand Buttercream | Value: $8.00
Talk about perfect timing. I was at school the day this box came in, my hands had been so dry. If you've ever had dry hands and no lotion, ay what a pain that is. I have used this and it's not greasy (which is a must for a hand cream in my opinion) yet it's very comforting. I have never tried any 100% Pure products so I'm glad I have a chance to give them a shot. I'm not a big fan of lavender but I'm staring to grow fond of it; lots of natural products are lavender scented!

4. EVOLVh: Leave-In-Conditioner | Value: $8.00 (Full Size: $26.00)
This has to be my favorite product of this month's box. It's supposed to "[fortify] weak strands and prevents future breakage". It smells AMAZING! I cannot put my finger on the scent, it's like a high-end perfume. I have used it once so I cannot tell you if it does everything it claims, but I will say my hair feels especially silky and thick today. Have you used this product? I will definitely put this to the test!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Have you signed up for Petit Vour yet? What are you waiting for!! :P 
Lots of Love,

Monday, January 19, 2015

❤︎Shopping My Makeup || Epi. 2

 Hello guys!

I'm so excited so many of you liked my last blog post. It's been awesome for me to put my products to use and I hope to keep this series going.

The other day I could not get my eyeshadow to look right! I didn't like the eyeshadows I was using and gave up. I wanted something really easy and reached for my elf Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in "soiree". I have not used this guy since the first week I hauled it. It's truly a shame because it's such a beautiful color. It's a truly glittery creamy eyeshadow. Be sure to use it with a primer or it will be crease city. 

 (Sorry about that random gap in the left).

AHHH! Just look at that color! I really love this eyeshadow!

I used elf's Eyebrow Kit in "medium" to fill in my brows. As you can tell I use it a lot. It is a bit on the warmer side but my hair is a little red so it works for me.

I used NYX's Eyeshadow Primer. (NYX is now owned by L'oreal and I do not buy from them anymore. I've had this primer before they were bought out). 

I used Physicians Organic wear mascara. I like this mascara but it is on the drier side. It has been my experience that it dries quickly. I do like it a lot and have repurchased it. 

For foundation I used elf's Flawless Finish Foundation in "sand" and elf's Acne Fighting Foundation in "sand". Weirdly enough the Acne Fighting Foundation in "sand" is wayyy too dark for me. I don't get it either! I used an equal ratio of both foundations to give myself a bit of a tan.

 I used my Wet N Wild Bronzer in "Ticket to Brazil" as a blush/bronzer. As you can see it looks like a peachy (more on the orange side) on me. I would NOT recommend this bronzer for contouring. It is too shimmery to go on the contour, like you can see. I really like it because it livens up my skin tone and makes me look more bronzed. I have used this bronzer almost to the brim and I will be repurchasing it once it runs out. Also it smells like summer and sunscreen which I really LOVE.

Finally I used elf's Matte Lip Color in "Tea Rose". As you can tell I used a lot of elf products, I really like elf and I have a lot of their products apparently, lol.

 I first put a bit of eos lip balm in "mint" because these matte lip colors are a bit on the dry side. The color is a lilac-pink. I used a sheer amount because if I apply it opaquely it almost looks like a concealer, at least on me. 

Top: Praline
Botton: Tea Rose

I hope you liked this post and the look I came up with. I want your opinion. I don't like listing the prices of the products because, mainly,  I'm lazy but also because it's not hard to find them. Meanwhile, I want to please you guys. If you would like me to put the prices please let me know. 
Lots of Love,

Monday, January 12, 2015

LA Girl PRO HD Concealer || REVIEW

Hello guys!
So today I really wanted to mention the LA Girl Pro.Conceal HD Concealer. I did mention it a little in my Shopping My Makeup post; however I felt inclined to feature it individually. 

I've heard many birdies say good things about this product. They retail for $5.00 on LA Girl's site. I got mine off for $2.99! So you can find them really affordably. 

The one I got is in 'pure beige'.

I think the coverage is great. You can cover pimples, redness, and discoloration really well. It's definitely a creamy concealer. It comes in a squeeze-y little tub which makes getting the product out easy. You can build up the coverage. I have used it under my eyes for dark circles and it works well! I like it because it does not crease!

The shade I have is yellow toned so I like using it to, well conceal. If you want a more pink concealer to cover blueness under the eyes be sure to get a more "salmony" shade. 

I don't care much for the brush applicator yet I don't hate it. Don't expect to blend the concealer out using the applicator. You will need your fingers or a brush. I like it because it's more hygienic than concealers that come in a jar. See, I really hate jar like products! I will use them but I'm always weary of germs! 

Finally, I really really like it because it has not broken my skin out. 

** I was not sent this product!

I hope you liked this review. What is your favorite cruelty-free concealer? Have you tried this concealer? 
Lots of Love,

Saturday, January 10, 2015

❤︎Shopping My Makeup Collection! ||

Hey guys!
I wanted to start a series on this blog all about putting to use the makeup I already have in my collection. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I have a huge collection. Yet, it's big enough that I don't really need more makeup right now. I don't want my blushes/eyeshadows/liners to go to waste. See, it's so easy (especially when you're in the beauty community) to feel the need to buy-buy-buy. At least that's how I feel sometimes. I want to use the makeup I already have to come up with new and exciting looks. This is the look I have for you today. (Ironically, it's not really new and exciting). This is something I would wear on a daily basis. 

I hope you enjoy this new series! 
I had lots of fun coming up with it! 

Left to Right: elf Flawless Finish Foundation in "sand", LA Girl Pro. Conceal HD-"Pure Beige", & Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Primer

I have a review on this elf foundation. It's my favorite foundation! I have to be completely honest though. See, I shot the pictures of the products I planned to use the day before I actually used them. When I went to apply them, I forgot I had planned to use this elf foundation. In the picture I have an NYX foundation. (Which, I got before they were bought out!) 

I got the concealer a few weeks ago. I have to say I REALLY like it! I use it to cover discoloration and pimples. (LA Girl is on PETA's list).

The primer I've had forever! It's awesome! I don't think I've really talked about it, which is a shame. It will make everything last all day! You need the least bit and you need to blend it really well or it will dry and look like clay. Which then becomes almost impossible to remove without ruining your makeup. 

Above: elf Waterproof eyeliners in "blush" & purple" 
Below: Pacifica Devocean Deeply Devoted Natural Lipstick in "tenderness"
EveryDay Minerals Blush in "All Smiles"

Left to right: "purple", "blush", "brown" & "black" 

The eyeliners you see are the elf Waterproof shadow liners. In "blush" and "purple".
I used "blush" as a cream eyeshadow and as a base for "marzipan". It really helps "marzipan" standout. 
I used "purple" as an eyeliner. 

I LOVE my Chocolate Bar palette! I use it a lot but I can definitely use it more. As you can see in the picture above I used "marzipan" All over the lid.

I used a bit of "candied violet" over that elf Waterproof eyeliner in "purple". 

I used a combination of "milk chocolate" & "cherry cordial" on the crease. 

I then used "white chocolate" on the brow bone. 

I used a combination of "triple fudge" and "semi-sweet: to fill in my eyebrows. "Triple fudge" is very cool toned where "semi-sweet" is a bit more reddish. My hair is a red-brown color so this combination works for me. 

I used my Pacifica Devocean... Lipstick in "tenderness". I also got this in a Petit Vour Box. It's really awesome. It's not too shinny but does not dry out my lips. Plus the color is a perfect pink-nude on me. I have really been enjoying it! 

Finally I used the EveryDay Minerals blush in "All Smiles". I talked more about this blush in my December Petit Vour  Box. 

Well, that's it! I hope you liked the look I came up with. I hope this inspires you to use what you already have. I don't like being wasteful with my money and so I'm so excited to start this series. I'm sure it will be lots of fun. 

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

❄︎ ❄︎ D e c e m b e r ❆ ❆ 2014 Petit Vour Box!

Hello guys!
I wanted to end the season right! Today we took down our Christmas decorations and our tree. It was sad! It might seem a bit late to be taking it down in January but it's something that's becoming a tradition in my family. I really wanted to share my December Petit Box because I thought it was an exceptionally good one (even if it's a bit late). I'm really LOVING my this box! It's always such a good surprise!

Side note: This is not a review! I do have a few comments!

***I wasn't send this!  

1. Meow Meow Tweet: Deodorant Cream- Lavender
Oh man! Do I have a love hate relationship with natural deodorant! I have yet to try one that I like. I hate ever single one I've tried! (I'll save that for another blog post). 
I have liked this one! It doesn't wear off easily. However, I haven't been working out or doing much activity so I haven't tested it's full staying power. (Sidetone: I need to start running again!!!!) I just don't like that you have to dip your finger in the jar to get the product out. I like the sent! It's nice and fresh. Even though I'm not a huge fan of lavender. 

Full-Size is 2.4 oz and retail for $14.00.  

2. EveryDay Minerals blush- "All Smiles"
I LOVE THIS! It's your basic peachy-pink blush and its matte. It's something I see myself wearing everyday. I want to share a look using it so you can see how it looks on. 

Full Size $12.00! 

3. blissoma Solutions: 
This is suppose to target "blemishes and inflammation while balancing. Intensively regenerates skin..." It's meant for oily, acne, irritated and discolored skin.
I was really happy when I saw this! At the time I received this box (the week before Christmas) my skin was going berserk! I haven't used this enough to form an opinion. I will have to keep trying it. I really HATE the dropper applicator. It doesn't really pick up the product because the product is too thick.
Full Size: 1 oz for $25.99

 5.  Trust Fund Beauty- "Just Talk to My Lawyer"
This nail polish or "le vernix" is free of toluene, formaldehyde, lead, nickel, and phthalates.
On camera the red shimmer shows up more vibrant than in person. If you look at your nails directly under natural sunlight you will see all those beautiful golden shimmers clearly. Otherwise, it's more of a very dark (almost black) vampy color. I'm really enjoying it. It has great staying power. I haven't been using a top coat and it will last at least four days on me. 

This is a full size product. It retails for $16.00. So just this product alone pays for the box, which is $15.00 a month. I really love that about this subscription box in particular, you are getting a great deal. 

So yeah! That was my December 2014 Petit Vour Box. Again, I bought this with my money. I have loved every single box and I really encourage you give it a try. Remember these products are not only cruelty-free but also vegan. 
Lots of Love,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope & pray for good health for you and your family this New Year! I hope you have a lot of blessings and good times! Thanks for supporting my blog! <3  


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