Friday, February 13, 2015

♥︎ Shopping My Makeup ♥︎ || Epi. 3 || ♥︎ Valentine's Day Look Idea ♥︎


Ciao, beautiful people!

YAY! I finally have a new Shopping My Makeup post! I love doing these. I will be honest, I did not intend for this to be a Valentine's Day edition, I just though the look would be perfect of Valentine's Day. 

I think you might start seeing a "theme" with my makeup looks. I love, love rose-pinks. 

Here is the makeup I used:

**Links are to MY reviews, which go into more detail! Also, this blog post is not sponsored! 

**I noticed (thanks to the pictures) that the brow-product I'm using is too red for me. I won't be using it anymore! :( 

 In natural lighting!

 With flash!

This is Wet N Wild's The Comfort Zone Palette. It's my favorite palette, yes more than the Chocolate Bar. The colors are just my kind of colors. 

These shadows don't have individual names (I wish they did). The color I used as a blending color is quite unique. It's a red-brown with some aqua glitter thrown in, it's a beautiful dual-chrome. It also blends out in the crease (although it's not matte) perfectly. 

 You can really see the beauty of these colors in this picture! 

This is the elf Blush Palette in "light". I LOVE LOVE this guy! It gives me so many options and the colors are fabulous. Again, these don't have individual names. I used a mixture of the blushes with a blue-heart. It gave me a coral flush, which I LOVE!  

The first mascara is the HardCandy LashAHolic in black. I really like it. It seems to get better with use. It gives me full lashes and does not wear off easily.

The second one is LA Colors Bold Lash in black. I got this at the dollar tree. It's not amazing, but it does seem to comb the lashes without clumping.

This is the wand of the HardCandy mascara. It's in a swoop allowing for a really smooth application.

The LA Colors mascara is bigger and more traditional. By itself it's nothing to brag about.

This is NYX eyeliner in "black brown". NYX is now owned by L'Oreal and I longer buy from them. I've had this for a while. I've used in the tight-line.

I recently got the Milani Face Powder. I LOVE LOVE it! It gives me a matte look, which I always go for. It also gives more coverage. I LOVE the lace-y imprint it has! It's such a cute compact!

 It also lasts a good 4 hours. The color is okay for me now, but in Summer I know it will be too light. I'll just have to use a little bronzer. 

I used my favorite foundation, elf Flawless Finish in 'sand'. I used my LA Girl concealer in 'medium beige'. As a primer I used my Wet N' Wild Fergie primer. I LOVE these! They are great and so affordable! 

I hope you enjoyed this!!! I always have a blast writing these blog-posts! I have not spent money on anything because of these blog posts. I've only bought powders (which run out quickly) and foundation. Don't get me wrong I really want some of the new things out there, but I DON'T need them!

BTW, I didn't used a lip product. I had a cold-sore which was just healing and didn't want to put anything on them. (Sorry, if that's TMI). 

Hope you liked this look! I honestly didn't mean to make it Valentine's Day themed, but I think the colors work well for V-Day! Don't you agree?! I love Valentine's day, even though I don't have a bae. I love on my family and friends & my pups instead! Also, I bake! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend! 

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FREEMAN ☼ Dead Sea Minerals and Anti-Stress Mask |:| REVIEW

***I bought this with my own money! Not sponsored! I just use a lot :P 

Hello beautiful people!

Today is such a beautiful day!!!!! It's starting to look like Spring! Though, that has nothing to do with this blog post, I just felt soo happy I needed to share it.

SIDENOTE: Aren't these pretty?! I got them at my local $99 Store, for $1.00! Do I sound sponsored? I'm always weary of that! I'm not, I just LOVE SPRING! I can't wait to get more :P 
Back to the review.....

I love Freeman face masks. I have a review of my favorite mask, the Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. I've also tried the avocado Clay Mask (can't recall the exact name), I really enjoy that one. I noticed this mask: Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask on and really wanted to try it. The 'Anti-Stress' got me as I bought this either during of after Fall 2014 finals. 

First of, it has a wonderfully delicious scent. Every time I use it I want to snack on some berries. It smells like a wonderful blueberry/berry sorbet.

It's supposed to help nourish your skin with Dead Sea Minerals and Sea Salts; I have no idea what those are. It's also supposed to "replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores." Lastly, it's also supposed to be good for all skin types. I'm just giving you a summary of the back of the tube, as I want you to know the claims. (It's paraben free!)

I use it more often on zits ,that magically appear, to help dry them out. I will use it all over mah face maybe twice a month. I don't like doing this often because this mask WILL unclog your pores, but that means driving out whatever zit(s) are hiding in your skin. If you've used a clay mask and notice more breakouts that is why. So just keep that in mind. If you do notice this, just continue to apply a little bit of the mask (spot treat) on the spots and they should be gone within a week. That's what I enjoy using this mask for!

 You're supposed to let it dry and wash it off with a cloth. It makes your skin feel so nice and smooth. Your skin will feel really nice and clean.

 However, I have oily-normal skin and I NEED to moisturize when I use this. It's a strong mask and while cleaning your skin if you don't replenish that moisture you will hate it, I guarantee it! Also, don't use any clay mask more than twice a week. Even that is pushing it! I don't notice the "balancing moisture" claim. So MOISTURIZE!

If want something that will also "detox your skin" but not dry your skin as much, try the Charcoal Mask! It's my favorite for cleaning my skin and exfoliating.

I really like this clay mask. Anytime I take time to relax I normally use masks. So I can't say "this mask will de-stressify you". I will say, any time you take to care for your skin will definitely put a smile on your face.

I THINK like this mask more than the Avocado Mask; mostly because of the scent. Both are good! I think I'll have to try the avocado mask again to be sure. I really recommend this mask in particular and all Freeman masks. They are really affordable without compromising quality and (most importantly) cruelty-free.

What is YOUR favorite mask(s)?

Lots of Love,


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