Thursday, August 13, 2015

BH Cosmetics Haul || Eyeshadows, Blushes, Brushes and More :: Cruelty-Free

Hey guys. I wanted to share this big haul! Before I share the pictures, just know this is a haul and mini-first-impression(s). I only got my order in yesterday.

 Also, I know this might seem sponsored because it's all BH Cosmetics, but it's not. (I wish it was, hey BH work with me!) No, it's definitely not. I just really wanted to try BH Cosmetics as I literally didn't own anything from them. 

Hope you enjoy it!

You can use these shadows on the face, eyes, and body. Also wet or dry. 

I did wear three of the shades today and I am impressed. I love these golden-champagne tones!

Two left swatches correspond to the two upper shadows.
Two right swatches correspond to the two lower shadows. 

I have worn this one and I really, really liked it! I thought it was going to be a bit on the cool-er side(the blush at least), but it's surprisingly warm. The highlight has more yellow than pink undertones. I can see it working well on both fair and medium skin tones. 

One thing I noticed (upon swatching) the blush shade is a bit chalky. However, on the skin it's lovely and the powder is silky smooth. 

The powder is super silky! The color is definitely more coral than pink. Not at all chalky.

The "highlight" shade is GORGEOUS! It's more of a blush and highlight in one. It's very orange, but I can see it warming up the skin, while giving a 'J-Lo glow'! 

Direct Sunlight 
Two left swatches are from TULIP.
Two right swatches are from DAISY. 

Upper: TULIP
Lower: DAISY

I used a coupon-code from RetailMeNot (be sure to check this site out, not sponsored) and got two free surprises. This is one.

The color is 'Rendezous'. I am not a big fan. It's very beige and frosted. I might use it for a center highlight on the lips. 

This is another free gift I got using the code. 

It was $2.50 at the time I bought it. I have it used it (once) so far so good. The only con it's only 2.7fl oz, which seems small to me. I guess it's a good size to try out, before you buy a bigger size. I think I'm going to go through it quickly. 

If you want, I can do a separate post with an in depth review on these guys. I really wanted more face brushes, so I went with these. Fingers crossed they're good. 

So far they are SOO soft! 

P.S. I got the 11 pcs Pink-A-Dot Brush Set for my sister. This past Christmas and she loves them. 

I have been eyeing this EVERY single time I went on the BH site. I think they are so beautiful and so I finally did it, I finally bought them. They are so super soft as well. I will also be reviewing this set in individually (if you are interested please let me know). 

Plus, I love the container they come in. So cute to display them in. 

 I really hope you enjoyed this post. If you're anything like me, I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Might sound funny, but I LOVE looking at pictures of makeup. It's a guilty pleasure of mine. 

I do plan on reviewing them and showing the blushes and shadows on my eyes. So stay tuned. 
Lots of Love,

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