Contacting Companies

Disclaimer: The basic template I got from VeggieBeauty's* (check her blog out if you haven't already). I have, of course, edited it to fit my blog. Feel free to us these questions when contacting companies. 

Hello, My name is Camila Alvarez. I am the writer for HumanelyChic (, a cruelty-free beauty blog. I am interested in buying from your company but would like to be assured that your products are cruelty-free. I have some questions I would appreciate you address. Please be sure to answer all of them as the answers you provide are very important to both my readers and myself.

1. Does your company test ingredients or/and finished products on animals?
2. Do you test ingredients or products on animals through a 3rd party? If your answer is no, how do you ensure that your manufacturers do not test?
3. Do your manufacturers test ingredients or products on animals?
4. Are you owned or affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals?
5. Do you have a parent company? If so who are they?
6. Do you/your parent company currently or have plans to market and sell your products in the Chinese market, which requires animal testing by law to sell in that country?
7. Do you use palm oil/carnuaba wax in any of your products? If so, is it from an organic and sustainable source?
8. Could you provide a list of all of your current vegan items available for purchase?

Thank you in advance for you cooperation!


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