Saturday, August 8, 2015

ciatè || AWESOME FIND!

Hey guys.

I found these awesome ciatè nail polishes at Burlington yesterday and could not wait to share them with you all.
They are (mostly)  Fall colors, so if you're still trying to hold on to your Summer, LOOK AWAY!

This post is just going to be pictures. I've yet to wear them so I can't tell you how they apply or the wear time.

SIDE-NOTE: I know I've been gone for a while (looonnnng while), so forgive me for the lack of content. Let's just say this year has been a weird/crazy one. I've missed posting more than you can imagine! 

That 'Big Beauty Bus' packaging though! How could I pass it up! Also, it was only $7.99! I can't promise you will find them at your Burlington, but if you like the colors take a look it can't hurt.

The tri-o was $5.99. 

The 'Big Beauty Bus' set has mini-polishes. You can see the difference in size. 

"HopScotch" looks more red on camera. It's very much a true orange. 

"Party Shoes" makes me want to dance! AHH so gorgeous! 

Let me know which one was your favorite? Also, what is your favorite ciatè nail-polish?

Lots of Love,

**disclaimer: Not sponsored. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

❤︎ Empties :: May 2015 || Cruelty-Free Beauty

Hey GUYS! 

Today I really wanted to share a couple of empties I've had laying around. I really like all of these products but I wouldn't repurchase some of them.

1. Tree Hut: Shea Moisturizing BODY WASH :: Tropical Mango!

I LOVE this guy! It smells amazing and the scent lingers! It also does not dry your skin out! I haven't repurchased it just because I haven't been to Ulta in a while, but I definitely plan to. I highly recommented this line from Tree Hut. I've used the scrubs and love them! (Here are links to the Mango Scrub and Coconut Lime). 

I got this in October's Petit Vout Box and really liked it. I wash my hair every other day and so my hair gets really dry and frizzy on the days I don't wash it. This products definitely gave it moisture and, though it doesn't claim to do so, helped with the frizz, a lot. I want to repurchase it again because I want use it more and see if I see long term results. (I got a sample size). However, if you are looking for a deep moisturizer this is not it. I still needed an oil to make my hair feel really soft and manageable

3. Earth Body | dream Body Oil

I got this guy in a Petit Vour Box, but I guess I didn't share it because I can't find it on my blog. It's an oil meant to "..enhance mental clarity and restore moisture". It's very moisturizing and smells great! I liked using it right before bed. It's on the pricey side, so if I repurchase it will be a splurge! I won't buy it right now, but as a birthday gift, I might just do so. 

I really like the c. Booth Bath and Body Oil as a cheaper and just as good alternative!

LOVED IT!! What can I say. I dedicated an entire post to this guy! TRY IT!
It's a natural and cruelty free deodorant that works! 

I was sent this and I also dedicated an entire blog post to it. I LOVED IT. It agreed with my skin so much. Most lotions work right away but the moisture will fade after a few washes and doesn't leave the skin feeling soft for more than a couple of hours. This didn't do that! LOVE IT!

I got this in a Petit Vour Box. I liked this, but I prefer the Beesential lotion for the body.  However, seeing at it's 100% vegan and natural I used it as a face moisturizer and liked it that way. I won't necessarily repurchase this again, but I will look into 100% Pure's facial moisturizers. 

Lots of Love,

Thursday, May 21, 2015

SkinCare Haul || My Skin Was FREAKING OUT! || CRUELTY-FREE ||

Hello Guys! 

Today, I wanted to jump back in here with a SkinCare Haul! I picked up everything on Sorry for my LONG (at least it felt so to me) hiatus! But I'm back now! 

My skin has been freaking out lately. I think it's just a combination of stress and hormones. So I decided to look into natural acne treatments. I found a video by CloudyApples (she's very into natural skincare) and she recommended using Castor Oil along with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to clean deep in the pores. I've heard many good things about oils for skincare in general, but especially about Castor Oil. I planned to just buy the Castor Oil, but of course I ended up with eight other things! 

1. Now Solutions: avocado oil | 100% Pure Moisturizing Oil

I've heard so many good things about avocado oil for acne and aging. I've not used it much so I can't say much yet. 

2. The Palma Christi || Castor Oil 

I only thought of Castor Oil for my skin but after researching it seems to be good for many other things. I've only used it twice and I can already see a difference. I will do a blog post for this guy once I've used it longer. 


I can't tell you how many times I've repurchased this guy. I've used it for three years. It's GREAT! It's my first defense when my skin is freaking out. I also use it regularly once to twice a week). It has tea tree oil and awapuhi. ( I must confess I have no idea what awapuhi is, but it agrees with my face). It's definitely drying so use a good moisturizer. 

4.Freeman|| Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask & Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask 
ea. $3.99

I LOVE Freemen masks. I've used the charcoal one before and I love it. It's great for a gentle but thorough exfoliation. (I bought two!) I've yet to use the pomegranate mask. It's suppose to be good for purging dirt and controlling excess oil. I'll let you know how I like it. 

5. WinCo || Extra Virgin OLIVE OIL ::
~ $2.96 (can't remember exactly)

Cassie form CloudyApples used Castor oil with extra virgin olive oil in her video, so I wanted to do the same. Castor oil is supposed to be very drying for an oil so use it with a moisturizing oil. (Here are some of my recommendations coconut, avocado, and extra virgin olive.) This isn't the most expensive extra virgin olive oil, but I'm sure it will do the trick. 
(This is the only product I didn't buy from 

6. Desert Essence|| Coconut Soft Curls Hair Cream

While I love my Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash, I haven't really explored much other products from this brand. I have wavy/curly hair and wanted to give this a try. I haven't used it yet! I'll let you know if I like it! 

7. Thayers Natural Remedies|| Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

I really like Witch Hazel for my skin! It agrees with me and really clears it up. I also needed a toner. Witch Hazel smells TERRIBLE on it's own and so I LOVE the rose scent in this! It feels so nice and  cooling on my skin. 


 I just wanted to share this adorable notebook I bought the other day. I got it at Michael's for $3.00! It's so Spring-y! If you like stationary as much as I do, I'm sure you will appreciate me sharing this random purchase! 

**Everything was purchased with my own money! Not sponsored! 

I hope you liked this post. Sorry for my absence! 

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

☼ ❀ ❊ Cruelty-Free & Natural Deodorants |:| Review & Comparison! || The good, the bad, and the UGLY!

Hello guys! 

If you have "liked" my Facebook page, you would know that I promised a comparison/review post for these three deodorants. Sorry, it has taken me a while to post this! I hope you get something out of it! It's been a STRUGGLE to find a good cruelty-free deodorants. They all pretty much suck!

I'm going to give you a mini-review for each deodorant and then let you know which one I prefer.

***NOT sponsored! I have one link (that's the only one you need, trust me)! 

1. alba Botanica: Clear Enzyme: Deodorant Stick
Preservative Free
PG Free
Aluminum Free

I like how this smells. It's really fresh and flowery (because of the lavender). I've never been a fan of gel-stick deodorants so I don't like that. It claims to be"long lasting", but unfortunately that is NOT NOT true! I've worn it day-to-day and when I've exercised and it sucks! I'm sorry to say. What's worse is that when you sweat (sorry TMI), the sweat sticks to your clothing. So the funk from your sweat might not cling to you but it will transfer onto your clothing! HUGE thumbs down. 

2. Desert Essence: Tea Tree Oil Deodorant
Propylene Glycol Free
& Aluminum Free

This has an herbal-ly scent and I prefer it. Maybe because it's a bit stronger. Also, it's not a gel-deodorant! I feel like the gel-deodorants are more slippery and rub-off more easily. However, I DO NOT like it much more than the alba botanica one. It also rubs-off on my clothes and the odor sticks to them.  

In an effort to give this guy the benefit of doubt and after a lot of testing I did find it works well (a bit better) if you only plan to wear it for a few hours (less than 4). However, to keep it fresh the entire day I had to carry it with me and reapply. I just don't want to have to be self-conscious about sweating and stinking up the place, lol! I would NOT repurchase it. However, if for some reason I can't find my deodorant and have nothing else, I prefer this one to the alba one. 


I received this guy in my December Petit Vour Box and I'm so glad I did! The guy works just as well as your drug-store traditional deodorants (maybe even better). It will last me the entire day! If I am just going to school or working (day-to-day) or if I exercise! 
(By drug-store I mean your traditional deodorants).

However, unlike your drug-store deodorants, the MMT lets your pits sweat! LOL!  So if you don't want to sweat at all, this is not be for you. The sweat is nothing crazy! It only happened to me when I exercised, not on my day-to-day days. However, unlike the ones mentioned above this guy DOES not sweat onto my clothes and keeps the funk away! I prefer that this deodorant allows my pores to sweat. I don't have to tell you that your regular "drug-store" deodorants are not good for the skin on your armpits. 

I also like it because you really don't need a lot. The jar says to use a "pea-sized" amount. I use a about a pea-and-a-half amount, I feel like it lasts longer! The jar I got was a sample, so you can get the full size jar (2.4 oz) for $14.99. I got mine in December and it lasted me through the last week of February, so about three months. This is with me using it everyday. Again, my jar is the sample size. So while it's a bit more pricey, it totally worth it. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I will be repurchasing the MMT for sure. I will also continue to try other cruelty-free deodorants. If I gather another bunch, I will be sure to review it for you guys. 

Let me know what you think and your recommendations!

Lots of Love,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beessential: A Three Product Review! Hand & Body Cream, Lavender & Honey, Lemon & Lavender Lip Balm (Cruelty-Free NOT Vegan (obvs.))

Hello guys!

I'm really excited to share these products with you all. However, I want to be honest and let you know that they were sent to me. Meaning, I did not pay for them, but I am not being paid to write this review. Also, they are not vegan.

Anyways, now that we got that out of the way...

**disclaimer: Links are NOT affiliates, they are there to help you find the product quickly. 

When I first applied this lotion I REALLY liked it. However, seeing I had just received it in the mail and I was really excited, I didn't want to rush my opinion. In order to test this lotion properly I put it in my backpack (I'm usually at school 7-12ish a day) and have been carrying it with me for almost three weeks and its always by my side on my computer desk. I can tell you that I really LOVE this lotion. I think the honey especially agrees with my skin. It's not oily and will help you so much if you have chronically dry hands like me. I also use it on my legs, I have REALLY dry skin on my legs and sensitive skin (when I shave), this does not irritate my skin, rather calms it down. 

I have the 100% Pure French Lavander Hand Buttercream, which I LOVE (great alternative) but not as much as I like this one. 

It's formaldehyde free. paragon free, and PEG free. 

6 fl. oz - $ 12.99

I have a few favorite lip balms and so I'm pretty picky about the ones I try. The girl who emailed me about doing this review, mentioned this lip balm in particular, as it has been voted by as the best lip balm. I have to be honest, when I think of beeswax lip balms, I'm NEVER a fan. I always find them hard to apply and not moisturizing at all. I have to say I really, really like this one. It's super moisturizing and goes on smoothly. It's not oily at all and will not give you a "clear-lipgloss" effect. If you like lip balms that aren't "wet" I'm sure you'll like this one. 

0.15 oz - $2.99

3. Beessential: Lavender & Honey: Bee Calm & Carry On:

I'm such a sucker for soaps! I was super excited to try this one. I have to say from the stuff I received this is third on my list. I don't hate it but it didn't impress me as much as the products I already mentioned. Not that it's not good. It's definitely not drying, as in my opinion most bar soaps tend to be. As you use it you can see the honey in it. If you like honey (honey is GREAT for the skin) you will really like it. I say, give it a try. It might just be for you. It is good for acne prone skin. Did I see a huge difference? No. Nothing miraculous, it did make my skin feel nice though. I want to try the other soaps they make.

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope more than anything that you will give this brand a try. (If you're not vegan). They have SO many products! Search their site and see if you like anything! (Again, links are to help you find the products more quickly not affiliate links). Try the lotions! They have other scents!

Lots of Love,

Friday, February 13, 2015

♥︎ Shopping My Makeup ♥︎ || Epi. 3 || ♥︎ Valentine's Day Look Idea ♥︎


Ciao, beautiful people!

YAY! I finally have a new Shopping My Makeup post! I love doing these. I will be honest, I did not intend for this to be a Valentine's Day edition, I just though the look would be perfect of Valentine's Day. 

I think you might start seeing a "theme" with my makeup looks. I love, love rose-pinks. 

Here is the makeup I used:

**Links are to MY reviews, which go into more detail! Also, this blog post is not sponsored! 

**I noticed (thanks to the pictures) that the brow-product I'm using is too red for me. I won't be using it anymore! :( 

 In natural lighting!

 With flash!

This is Wet N Wild's The Comfort Zone Palette. It's my favorite palette, yes more than the Chocolate Bar. The colors are just my kind of colors. 

These shadows don't have individual names (I wish they did). The color I used as a blending color is quite unique. It's a red-brown with some aqua glitter thrown in, it's a beautiful dual-chrome. It also blends out in the crease (although it's not matte) perfectly. 

 You can really see the beauty of these colors in this picture! 

This is the elf Blush Palette in "light". I LOVE LOVE this guy! It gives me so many options and the colors are fabulous. Again, these don't have individual names. I used a mixture of the blushes with a blue-heart. It gave me a coral flush, which I LOVE!  

The first mascara is the HardCandy LashAHolic in black. I really like it. It seems to get better with use. It gives me full lashes and does not wear off easily.

The second one is LA Colors Bold Lash in black. I got this at the dollar tree. It's not amazing, but it does seem to comb the lashes without clumping.

This is the wand of the HardCandy mascara. It's in a swoop allowing for a really smooth application.

The LA Colors mascara is bigger and more traditional. By itself it's nothing to brag about.

This is NYX eyeliner in "black brown". NYX is now owned by L'Oreal and I longer buy from them. I've had this for a while. I've used in the tight-line.

I recently got the Milani Face Powder. I LOVE LOVE it! It gives me a matte look, which I always go for. It also gives more coverage. I LOVE the lace-y imprint it has! It's such a cute compact!

 It also lasts a good 4 hours. The color is okay for me now, but in Summer I know it will be too light. I'll just have to use a little bronzer. 

I used my favorite foundation, elf Flawless Finish in 'sand'. I used my LA Girl concealer in 'medium beige'. As a primer I used my Wet N' Wild Fergie primer. I LOVE these! They are great and so affordable! 

I hope you enjoyed this!!! I always have a blast writing these blog-posts! I have not spent money on anything because of these blog posts. I've only bought powders (which run out quickly) and foundation. Don't get me wrong I really want some of the new things out there, but I DON'T need them!

BTW, I didn't used a lip product. I had a cold-sore which was just healing and didn't want to put anything on them. (Sorry, if that's TMI). 

Hope you liked this look! I honestly didn't mean to make it Valentine's Day themed, but I think the colors work well for V-Day! Don't you agree?! I love Valentine's day, even though I don't have a bae. I love on my family and friends & my pups instead! Also, I bake! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Weekend! 

Lots of Love,


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